Dr. Ting Yuan is the Chairman and Chief Scientist of the UniverSee Science Technology Inc., a Sensor Fusion Driven autonomous system solution provider. He has more than 15 years industrial/academia experience in Object Tracking, Sensor Fusion and Localization for aerospace and automotive applications. He had been a Research Scientist at the Mercedes Benz Research Development North America Inc., Sunnyvale, CA and principal Tech Lead for Autonomous Driving on China situations within the Autonomous Driving Department for nearly a decade, where his fields of endeavor lie in detection, classification and tracking of moving/static objects using information from camera, Radar and Lidar systems, as well as sensor fusion for the multi-sensor systems. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut, USA. He holds an Associate Professorship (research line) at the SEIEE department of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University and currently the director of SSF (smart sensor fusion for autonomous systems) research laboratory.

Area of Specialization and Research

Sensor Fusion:

homogeneous/heterogeneous track/data fusion (T2TF); track/data association (T2TA); Multi-layer sensor fusion; multi-stage fusion with/without feedback.


KF/EKF/UKF/PF; interacting multiple model (IMM); extended object tracking.

Localization Mapping:

dynamic occupancy gridmap; Doppler-based localization; GraphSLAM.


hypothesis test; sufficient/complete/ancillary statistics.


convex optimization; expectation-maximization (EM); pattern search.


observability/estimability; Monte Carlo sampling; finite mixture models.

Professional Societies


Senior Member, 2012-present


Member, 2010-present


Assiciated Editor, Image Fusion, 2012-present


Global Advisory Committee, 2019-present


Technical Committee, Daimler Representative, 2020-present

Industrial and Academia Talks

2022 Fusion Tutorial:

Multi Sensor and Data Fusion Approachesfor Vehicular Automation Applications - Autonomous Driving: Concepts, Implementations and Evaluation, Linköping, Sweden。

2021 Tech AD USA Key Panel:

Automotive Radar based Sensor Fusion Systems, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

2021 AutoSense USA Talk:

Automotive HD Radar Perception Systems: verification, validation and Testing, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

2021 Tsinghua Invited Talk:

Radar-based Sensor Fusion Systems, Tsinghua University,Beijing.

2020 Radar Tutorial:

High-Resolution Automotive Radar Perception Systems, Florence, Italy.

2020 AVL Workshop:

Autonomous Driving of Mercedes-Benz in China, Chengdu, Sichuan.

2019 AutoAI Keynote:

Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Driving in China: status, opportunities and paths, Shanghai, China.

2019 Fusion Tutorial:

Multi Sensor and Data Fusion Approaches for Autonomous Driving: Concepts, Implementations and Evaluation, Ottawa, Canada.

2019 UESTC Invited Talk:

Autonomous Driving in Daimler/Mercedes-Benz: Past, Present and Future. USTEC, Chengdu, Sichuan.

2018 Fusion Tutorial:

Multi Source and Multi Modal Sensor Fusion Strategies and Implementations in the world of Autonomous Driving, Cambridge, UK.

2018 USTC Invited Talk:

Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Driving, USTC, Hefei, Anhui, China.

2018 AutoAI Berlin Talk:

Sensor Fusion for Vulnerable Road Objects in Autonomous Vehicles, Berlin, Germany.

2017 Fusion Tutorial:

Multi-sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles, Xi’an, Shaan Xi, China.

2016 ESTS Talk:

Multi-sensor Association/Fusion in Linear and Nonlinear Systems, Emerging Sensing Technologies Summit, Melbourne, Australia.

2016 Fusion Tutorial:

Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Vehicles, Heidelberg, Germany.

2016 Radar Invited Tutorial:

Automotive Radar Systems at Daimler AG/Mercedes Benz: Past, Present, and Future, Philadelphia, PA.


Best Paper Award:

Object Tracking with De-Autocorrelation Scheme for a Dynamic Occupancy Gridmap System, 2016 IEEE International Conference on Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems (MFI 2016), Baden Baden, Germany, Sep. 2016.

Springer Book Chapter:

Track-to-Track Fusion in Linear and Nonlinear Systems, Advances in Estimation, Navigation, and Spacecraft Control. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 21-41, 2015.

IET Book Idea:

DSRC-based V2X for Cooperative Driver Assistant System”, in discussion, IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology), UK.

Artech House Invited Book Idea:

Automotive Radar Perception Systems, in discussion, Artech House, Boston, USA.