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This is the homepage of Dr. Ting Yuan, an autonomous system scientist specializing in Sensor Fusion, Object Tracking, Aero Tech, and Automotive Radar Perception Systems.

Google Scholar, Sunnyvale CA.

The World carries both individual and collective purposes:



Fusion22 of ISIF,Sweden, June 2022.

UniveSee is proud to be a sponsor for the Fusion22 at Sweden (ISIF 25th International Conference on Information Fusion, July 2022). Clicking our logo, you will find our product advertised in the reputable event.

UniverSee at Fusion'22

Fig. 01: UniverSee at Fusion’22

We also have a tutorial at the Programme/Tutorial Sessions with title:

Multi-Sensor and Data Fusion Approaches for Vehicular Automation Applications - autonomous driving: concepts, implements and evaluation.

Invited Seminar at AviTec, Beijing, April 2023.

Dr. Ting Yuan and Dr. Anders Lindquist together on behalf of SSF lab. at SJTU join the committee of AviTec (China Civil Aviation Technology and Equipment Corporation Limited), including the Chairman Xinhong Zhou, VP Weiliang Tao and other Chief Engineers, with an intense discussion on topics of digitalization and Autonomy for Smart Airport.

SSF at AviTec23

Fig. 02: SSF and AviTec on Aero-Autonomy

This is a meaningful event, reaching a verbal agreement on potential deep cooperation via an AviTec-SJTU joint research center.


Dr. Ting Yuan